If you think you have experienced gender-based violence (GBV) of any form, it may be hard to know what to do or how to feel. What happened was not your fault. What you do next is your choice. 

  • Are you in immediate danger? If you are in immediate danger or seriously injured, you can call 999 (or 112 from a mobile). Police 999 Silent Solution: If you cannot say ‘police’ or ‘ambulance’ respond by coughing or tapping the handset if you can. If prompted, press 55 on your phone.​ 
  • Find a safe space. If an incident has just happened, try and find somewhere you feel safe. If you are on campus, you can request support from Security by calling 0141 848 3505 (all Scottish campuses) and 0141 848 3047 (for London), or use the SafeZone app. The SafeZone app enables users to call for help and assistance, giving students and staff fast access to Security whenever and wherever you are on campus. You can download the SafeZone app by clicking here
  • Talk to a friend. Talking things through with someone you trust can help. Sometimes friends might not react the way that you were hoping, so there are other options available like contacting Rape Crisis or Victim Support. 
  • Rape Crisis can offer advice and guidance for anybody who is affected by sexual violence. If you want to talk to the helpline for advice or would benefit from direct support sessions offered in their centres, you can find their contact details here: Rape Crisis for Scotland and Rape Crisis for England and Wales.
  • Victim Support Scotland can also provide personalised support and information to you and anyone you know who might be affected by any form of gender-based violence. You don’t need to report the crime to receive help from Victim Support. Use this link for Victim Support services in England and Wales. 
Whoever you decide to talk to remember you don’t have to face this alone. 

  • Reporting to the police - dial 999 for emergency and 101 for non-emergency. If you're thinking of reporting an incident to the police, Rape Crisis has produced a useful list of things to think about and offers support if you have questions around the reporting process. Some centres also offer a specific ‘Support to Report’ service. Find out more about this service here if you are based in Scotland or here if you are based in England or Wales. 
  • Reporting the incident anonymously. You can report online to Crimestoppers or call 0800 555 111 
  • Reporting to the University. Students and staff can report an incident using the University’s Report + Support pages. This can be done anonymously or by making a report with contact details. If you choose to make a report with contact details, we will be able to talk through the options and support available to you in confidence. A report can be made using the buttons below.  
Get Support 
  • Find out what support is available to you if you or someone you know has experienced any form of gender-based violence by reading our dedicated support page.  
A note from the University of the West of Scotland 
We understand the importance of providing support to any member of our community who has been affected by gender-based violence. If you choose to speak to us, we will ensure that you are supported throughout the process. It is entirely up to you what action you wish to take - we just want to make sure you are clear about your options and are adequately supported throughout.

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There are two ways you can tell us what happened